Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Party admission is $5 with a potluck contribution, $10 without. (See below.)

Please don’t bring guests without permission. All new guests must first come to the XXX Munch and meet ABC, DEF, GHI and become a part of our community the same way you did.

Vanilla to the front door! No collars, leashes, or nudity for our neighbors to see. Please wear a coat to cover fetish wear. You may change inside.

Party starts at 7pm. No one will be admitted after 8:30 without special permission. We start the demos and info class promptly at that time.

Our parties are potlucks. Each guest is asked to bring one dish. We provide coffee, tea, and bottled water as well as dishes and utensils. You may also bring your own non-alcoholic beverage of choice. If you forget to bring a food item, we’ll ask you to chip in an extra $5 (in addition to the $5 donation to attend the party), making your cost to attend $10.

Please bring your own toys, blankets, and towels. We provide sharps disposal containers, first aid supplies, and safer sex supplies, as well as cleaning supplies so you can clean your play area after your scene.

Please respect other people's personal space and property. That means stay out of others' scenes unless invited, and keep a safe distance away from scenes you're watching. It also means don't touch other people's toys or bodies without permission (not even an uninvited hug). No means no!

Experienced players are here to act as DMs (dungeon monitors). You can recognize them by their red armbands. Their role is to keep an eye on things and make sure nothing happens to spoil your scene, as well as to offer instruction from time to time. Their word is final!

Thank you for not smoking in the house. There is a smoking area outside on the patio. No alcohol or drugs! If we smell them on you, you won’t be admitted; and anyone using alcohol or drugs at the party will be asked to leave and will be removed from the list.

No cameras or cell phones please.

This is a private home. Please stay out of non-party areas and be respectful of the property (and the maid – she’s a bitch if pissed off!).


(my thanks to R).


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