Tuesday, October 31, 2006

D/s Party-- Polite interaction

Here's a short list of general ideas towards basic D/s party etiquette that have worked here in the Bay Area. i am sure others have found more tried and true guidelines for their own groups and we would love to hear about them.

All slaves need permission to speak
All slaves will avert eyes unless ordered to.
No one shall touch another without permission of the owner,even for old friends and ex-play partners.
Property does not sit on furniture.
All Masters/Owners/slaves shall use formal titles for greetings- All male dominants are Sir, all females are Ma'am. Slaves should be called by their names if known.

Slaves may be addressed for general service. Discussions beyond such should be first cleared through their owner or the House.

Slaves may speak with each other ONLY in the confines of the kitchen, for information regarding service, or to clarify a question of service.

Once a party servant asks an Owner a question (e.g., "May I
bring you anything, Sir/Ma'am?"), the party servant must wait until
the Owner has finished with the request (e.g., "Bring me a bottle of
water, please"). As a courtesy, the Owner should say "That is all"
and the party servant would respond with "Yes, Sir/Ma'am". If the
Owner says nothing, then ten seconds of silence (along with a
consistent body gesture of attention diverted elsewhere) is
equivalent to "That is all". When the party servant returns with
the requested items, the servant property says, for example, "Here
is your water, Sir/Ma'am". As a courtesy, the Owner should
say "Thank you" and the party would then respond with "You're
welcome, Sir/Ma'am." If the party servant is named jane, for
example, it is also OK for the Owner to say "Thank you, jane."

(3) All properties must address all Owners as Sir/Ma'am as

This rule means that if an Owner talks to another Owner's property
by mistake without having obtained permission first (with the
exception of "Who is your Owner?"), the other Owner's property must
still address the out-of-line Owner as Sir/Ma'am (e.g., "I don't
have permission to talk to you, Sir/Ma'am"). The reason that such a
faux pas is a mistake is because everyone knows the protocol rules
and would only violate them due to an honest mistake. The out-of-
line Owner would then be required to apologize to the other Owner's

(4) Any permission can be revoked at any time by the Owner who
granted the permission.

(5) All Owners are responsible for the behaviors of their
properties. If a property misbehaves, the property's Owner is
notified, who then deals with the approrpiate punishment or further
training of the property as necessary.

(6) "Please" and "thank you" are the recommended forms of politeness
to use between Owners and the properties owned by others. Owners,
of course, can use whatever forms of politeness they wish with their
own properties.


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