Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Code of Conduct
• All policies and procedures of XX, including this code of conduct, are established in regard for the comfort and protection of our membership. In so doing, it is our intent to further the mission and goals of XX and it's voluntary members, of creating an environment that fosters social contact, education and community among adults who are interested in consensual leather/BDSM topics and practices.
• Every person, member or guest agrees that he or she, and his or her representatives and assigns, will not hold XX or agent thereof responsible or liable, directly or vicariously, for injuries or other damages, real or imagined, emotional or physical, that result directly or indirectly from attending or participating in any activity.
• Participation in any activity is voluntary and at the freewill of all members and guests. Choosing to attend and/or participatein any activity will likely result in exposure to adult oriented and sexually explicit discussion and behaviors that involve acts ofdomination, submission, bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, and other explicit and extreme sexual fetishes and activities including, but not limited to, spanking, paddling, whipping, waxing, piercing, fire play, knife or edge or blood play, suspension, fisting and other oral, vaginal and anal penetration. Participation in any activity is acknowledgment that members and guests will not be offended by that which they observe and hear.
• XX strongly encourages that all members and guests participate in educational courses and seminars to expand the knowledge and understanding of risks associated with the practice of BSDM and fetish behaviors. Participation in any activity is acknowledgment that members and guests are aware that these activities may be considered extremely hazardous activities, and that they assume full responsibility for any and all risks of property damage, personal injury or death. Further it is acknowledgment that risk may also result from the negligent or reckless conduct of other participants.
•XX is an educational and social organization dedicated to alternative sexual expression, whose purpose requires a responsible public image, and whose fundamental standard for sexual conduct is mutual consent between adults. Therefore any conduct that is deemed to be inconsistent with the essential principles of XX may result in the denial or revocation of admittance to any event, meeting, party, or membership.
• As a private membership organization, XX retains the right to refuse membership to anyone, and to deny admittance to any event, or to disallow participation in any discussion group or list at its discretion.
• All members and guests must agree to abide by the policies, rules and code of conduct of XX . Anyone who ignores these, or who engages in unsafe, exploitive or nonconsensual behavior of any kind may be required to leave the premises.
• All members and guests of XX are expected to be courteous of others regardless the differences in gender, sexual orientation, kink, fetish, race, religion, age, size, etc.
• The privacy of others is to be respected at all times. Unless explicit permission has been provided, members shall keep confidential all information pertaining to the identity of another member, former member, or prospective member. This information includes, but is limited to the legal name, address, phone numbers, and identity or location of employers or relatives.
• Audio and visual recording devises of any kind, including cameras, cell phones, and tape recorders, are not allowed at any XX event without prior approval by XX and the consent of all individuals being photographed, taped, or recorded.
• Members shall not touch anyone or their property without first asking and receiving permission.
• Repeated efforts to gain acquiescence from any member shall be construed as harassment and will not be tolerated. No means no.
• Engaging in illegal activity on the premises of any XX event is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to vandalism or destruction of property, theft, falsification of identity, possession of child pornography, prostitution and solicitation, and the possession, use or sales of drugs, inhalants, or other intoxicants.
• Unless specifically stated otherwise, no alcoholic beverage is allowed at any XX event. XX reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone who appears intoxicated, smells of alcohol, or who is observed bringing alcohol onto the premises.
• Firearms, whether real, replica, or toy, are not permitted. Money will not be refunded
• Deliberately falsifying a formal complaint against another member shall result in the revocation of membership.


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