Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are to be consumed on premises. Please do not arrive under the influence of any intoxicant. You will be denied admittance.
No firearms permitted.
No photography or recording permitted without the express permission of the host AND all persons involved.
Smoking in designated outdoor areas only. Driveway/front porch or backyard near the diving board.
Please clean up after yourself. Please deposit empty cans and plastic bottles in bags marked for recycling. Other trash should be placed in plastic lined trash bags.
Please confine your play to the garage and designated areas of the house.
While the yard is relatively private, it is in a residential area. Please confine your conversation and other activities to volume levels appropriate to the environment.
No glass containers in or around the pool or spa.
No diving in the shallow end.
No “watersports”, breath play or bondage in the pool or spa without express permission of the host.
Do not touch the pool/spa controls or mechanical equipment.
Please confine your Safe, Sane and Consensual play to the designated areas.
Since we are not equipped to handle the below listed forms of BDSM, your compliance in NOT engaging in the following is appreciated.
1) Water play, water sports or scat play.
2) Fire play of any kind (see Amendment A )
3) Intentional cutting or bloodletting. (see Amendment A)
4) Gun or other firearms play.
5) Unmonitored bondage
6) Autoerotic asphyxiation or breathing deprivation play.
7) Any form of piercing or needle play. ( see Amendment A)
8) The Dungeon Master is XX or his designee.
A Dungeon Master or Mistress will be attendance during all play and his or her directions or instructions will be followed without comment.
Amendment A:
Needle play, intentional cutting or bloodletting, branding, wax play and anything not covered by the house rules must be discussed with the Dungeon Master prior to play. These activities will be allowed at the Dungeon Masters discretion only.


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